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Antique Tractor Pull

Stock & Farm Class 4,500  through 10,500

1.   All tractors need a clevis or D ring draw bar.

2.  Draw bar height 20" and no less than 18" from rear axle of tractor.

3.  All tractors must have an operating PTO and tractor must be stock appearing.

4.  All tractors from 4500 through 7500 lbs must use low gear rule no torque allowed.

5.  Tractors can have wheel weights and hanging suitcase weights optional.

6.  Tire size 1 size over factory size allowed.

7.  Factory wheels only.

8.  1 hook per tractor per class.

9.  All final decisions will be made at pit meeting.

OPEN CLASS 4500 through 12500

1. 1 TA allowed.

2.  Tire size

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